2020 M.A.D for Advent

2020 M.A.D for Advent

Seeking your kindest generosity and love!

On 19th December 2020 we will be trying to provide some basic provision to about 10 single mothers from around Melaka & a home with 10 kids in Bangsar. A total 20 receivers

The items we will be purchasing are
20 x Jasmine Super Special Tempatan Rice 10kg
20 x Knife Cooking Oil 5kg
40 x Biho Bihun 400g
40 x MILO ACTIV-GO Softpack 1kg
20 x Tray of Eggs
40 x Gula Prai Coarse Grain Sugar 1kg

The estimated value each receiver would receive is approximately RM118
The total estimated cost for all 20 receivers will be about RM2360

You could purchase the item and deliver it to us, however we would prefer cash so we can ensure that all the receivers would get the same items and also that the eggs are fresh.

Please contact us for more info on delivery address or bank account number to transfer money
Grace (+60123509817)
Alister (+60163439630)

Last date for delivery : 10th December 2020
Last day for Cash Transfer : 13th December 2020

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