Finding Rest with Christ

We have worked for years and feel burnt out. Our mind is preoccupied before we sleep and often our minds are not fully rested. We look forward for the weekend to get some rest and enjoy our day but before we know it the weekend is over and we dread Monday. We look forward forward for a long holiday but our mind is at work and by the time we are back home we are exhausted.

A verse from the Gospel Reading on 15th July 2020

15th July 2020: Jesus said: “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest”. -Matthew 11:28-30.

A Long Holiday

This was my experience from a silent retreat (5days long). Burdened with work that I just dropped everything and made it a point not to use any electronic gadget throughout the retreat. I had to use my phone on the last evening to plan my journey back or I would still be stuck there. Throughout the retreat all I did was throughout the retreat was sleep, eat, pray, attend mass, read the bible and some spiritual books. The only time I spoke throughout the retreat was with

  1. My 1 hour catch up daily with my retreat director Fr. Mouro Zanin,
  2. Daily Mass.
  3. The dog that regularly came to visit me for his manja dosage.

I am a person who would feel guilty because I am idle. At any given point of time there are always thoughts running through my mind. I would be extremely energetic during a holiday, but exhausted immediately after. Oddly it was the first experience to know what it means to be relaxed with a clear mind. Of the gazillion holidays I have been on nothing has given me the rest I have had spending those few days in silence.

Time to rest with HIM

Sadly many (I know I was & probably I still am at times) are always preoccupied with work. We need work because we need the earnings for out next meal. We look forward for the weekends and before we ever know it, its Monday and we drag ourselves back to work for money again. Just for the living we have subconsciously put work before God and find temporal rest through earthly pleasures.

Its time we take a break from earthly pleasures and find some heavenly rest with Christ. Once all the countries borders have open of course ed up and you want that rest look out for some rest, check out some of this places (This are the few that came up on my Google search, I am sure there are more).

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