Get to know Saints for the week 2nd August 2020

Get to know your the Saint of the Day for the whole of this week. The saints are inspirations for us to get closer to Christ.

SundaySt. Peter Julian Eymard, Priest Founder Of The Sacramentini
SundaySt. Eusebius, Bishop Of Vercelli
SundaySt. Stephen I, Pope
MondaySt. Lydia, Disciple Di St. Paul
TuesdaySt. John M. Vianney, The Cur Of Ars, Patron Of Parish Priests
TuesdaySts. Justin And Crescenzio, Martyrs On The Via Tiburtina
WednesdaySt. Oswald
ThursdaySt. Hormisdas, Pope
FridaySts. Sixtus Ii, Pope And Companions, Martyrs
FridaySt. Gaetano Thiene, Priest, Founder Of Teatini
FridaySt. Donatus, Bishop Of Arezzo
FridaySt. Albert, Carmelite
SaturdaySt. Dominic Of Guzmán, Priest,Founder Of The Order Of The Preachers

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