Gods hand in failure – All Saints

I found this movie a few days ago on Netflix. Its based on a true story of Michael Spurlock a salesman turned to an Anglican Pastor. Assigned to administer the sales of church land due to the failure to service their debts. Michael Spurlock gets a message from God, telling him how to save the Church from being sold. He does everything he can but sees its failure.

All Saints: The Heart of the Movie (4 Minutes) - YouTube

Michael Spurlock was a salesman who becomes an Anglican Pastor. The Bishop assigns him to a church to administer the sales of the Church grounds due to the high debts accumulated. On his first day to the Church he sees a very tiny congregation of only 12 people. The community is unhappy that the community they grew in is up for sales.

Refugees give the first sign

With a few weeks to go before the sales of the land is to take place a group of farmer refugees seek shelter at the Church. Michael Spurlock gives them shelter at the church while waiting for the sale of the land to happen. He organizes for the refugees to get work in a Chicken farm to pluck chicken feathers. The work offered was not enough for food so the refugees suggest to start farming on the land.

Michael Spurlock gets a message

Michael Spurlock, gets unhappy with a developer who plans to purchase the land and needs the refugees evacuated within a week. He hears a message from God telling him to sow the land and save the Church.

Obeying God, Michael Spurlock to seek approval from the Bishop and Church council to not sell the land and allow the refugees to live on the land. The council however only agrees to delay with the condition after the harvest they should be able to recover from their debts. With the support of the community and the Refugees Michael Spurlock starts the farm. With the thoughts that this was the call from God, he gives his 100% even adding on to personal debts.

A total failure

However despite giving his all to the will of God there were continuous roadblocks leading to failures. Michael Spurlock sits in the Church thinking to himself if this was indeed a message from God if yes why would God allow this failure and that is when he saw he was just an instrument. God actually had a bigger plan and Gods plans never fails.

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