Daily Readings

Daily readings  are gathered from various sources and centralized in one location for convenience. Daily readings are updated every week.

Daily Readings for 2020

Date Day Liturgical Week
20-Apr-20 Monday Second week of Easter
21-Apr-20 Tuesday Second week of Easter
22-Apr-20 Wednesday Second week of Easter
23-Apr-20 Thursday Second week of Easter
24-Apr-20 Friday Second week of Easter
25-Apr-20 Saturday Second week of Easter
26-Apr-20 Sunday Third Sunday of Easter
27-Apr-20 Monday Third week of Easter
28-Apr-20 Tuesday Third week of Easter
29-Apr-20 Wednesday Third week of Easter
30-Apr-20 Thursday Third week of Easter
1-May-20 Friday Third week of Easter
2-May-20 Saturday Third week of Easter
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 3
2-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 3
3-May-20 Sunday 4th Sunday of Easter
4-May-20 Monday  Easter Week 4
5-May-20 Tuesday  Easter Week 4
6-May-20 Wednesday  Easter Week 4
7-May-20 Thursday  Easter Week 4
8-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 4
9-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 4
10-May-20 Sunday 5th Sunday of Easter
11-May-20 Monday  Easter Week 5
12-May-20 Tuesday  Easter Week 5
13-May-20 Wednesday  Easter Week 5
14-May-20 Thursday  Easter Week 5
15-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 5
16-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 5
17-May-20 Sunday 6th Sunday Of Easter
18-May-20 Monday  Easter Week 6
19-May-20 Tuesday  Easter Week 6
20-May-20 Wednesday  Easter Week 6
21-May-20 Thursday Solemnity of Ascension of the Lord.
22-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 6
23-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 6
24-May-20 Sunday 7th Sunday Of Easter
25-May-20 Monday  Easter Week 7
26-May-20 Tuesday  Easter Week 7
27-May-20 Wednesday  Easter Week 7
28-May-20 Thursday  Easter Week 7
29-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 7
30-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 7
31-May-20 Sunday Solemnity of Pentecost.
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Jun-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
2-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
3-Jun-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
4-Jun-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
5-Jun-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
6-Jun-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
7-Jun-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
8-Jun-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
9-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
10-Jun-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
11-Jun-20 Thursday Solemnity of Corpus Christi.
12-Jun-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
13-Jun-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
14-Jun-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 11
15-Jun-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 11
16-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 11
17-Jun-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 11
18-Jun-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 11
19-Jun-20 Friday Solemnity of Sacred Heart.
20-Jun-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 11
21-Jun-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
22-Jun-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
23-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
24-Jun-20 Wednesday Solemnity of Birth of John the Baptist.
25-Jun-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
26-Jun-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
27-Jun-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
28-Jun-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 13.
29-Jun-20 Monday Solemnity of St Peter & Paul the Apostles
30-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 13.
DateDayLiturgical Calendar
1-Jul-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 13.
2-Jul-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 13.
3-Jul-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 13.
4-Jul-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 13.
5-Jul-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 14.
6-Jul-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 14.
7-Jul-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 14.
8-Jul-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 14.
9-Jul-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 14.
10-Jul-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 14.
11-Jul-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 14.
12-Jul-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 15.
13-Jul-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 15.
14-Jul-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 15.
15-Jul-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 15.
16-Jul-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 15.
17-Jul-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 15.
18-Jul-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 15.
19-Jul-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 16.
20-Jul-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 16.
21-Jul-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 16.
22-Jul-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 16.
23-Jul-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 16.
24-Jul-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 16.
25-Jul-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 16.
26-Jul-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 17.
27-Jul-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 17.
28-Jul-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 17.
29-Jul-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 17.
30-Jul-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 17.
31-Jul-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 17.
DateDayLiturgical Calendar
1-Aug-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 17.
2-Aug-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 18.
3-Aug-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 18.
4-Aug-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 18.
5-Aug-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 18.
6-Aug-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 18.
7-Aug-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 18.
8-Aug-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 18.
9-Aug-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 19.
10-Aug-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 19.
11-Aug-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 19.
12-Aug-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 19.
13-Aug-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 19.
14-Aug-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 19.
15-Aug-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 19.
16-Aug-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 20.
17-Aug-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 20.
18-Aug-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 20.
19-Aug-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 20.
20-Aug-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 20.
21-Aug-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 20.
22-Aug-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 20.
23-Aug-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 21.
24-Aug-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 21.
25-Aug-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 21.
26-Aug-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 21.
27-Aug-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 21.
28-Aug-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 21.
29-Aug-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 21.
30-Aug-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 22.
31-Aug-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 22.
DateDayLiturgical Calendar
1-Sep-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 22.
2-Sep-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 22.
3-Sep-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 22.
4-Sep-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 22.
5-Sep-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 22.
6-Sep-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 23.
7-Sep-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 23.
8-Sep-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 23.
9-Sep-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 23.
10-Sep-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 23.
11-Sep-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 23.
12-Sep-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 23.
13-Sep-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 24.
14-Sep-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 24.
15-Sep-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 24.
16-Sep-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 24.
17-Sep-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 24.
18-Sep-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 24.
19-Sep-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 24.
20-Sep-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 25.
21-Sep-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 25.
22-Sep-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 25.
23-Sep-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 25.
24-Sep-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 25.
25-Sep-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 25.
26-Sep-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 25.
27-Sep-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 26.
28-Sep-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 26.
29-Sep-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 26.
30-Sep-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 26.
DateDayLiturgical Calendar
1-Oct-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 26.
2-Oct-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 26.
3-Oct-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 26.
4-Oct-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 27.
5-Oct-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 27.
6-Oct-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 27.
7-Oct-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 27.
8-Oct-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 27.
9-Oct-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 27.
10-Oct-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 27.
11-Oct-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 28.
12-Oct-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 28.
13-Oct-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 28.
14-Oct-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 28.
15-Oct-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 28.
16-Oct-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 28.
17-Oct-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 28.
18-Oct-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 29.
19-Oct-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 29.
20-Oct-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 29.
21-Oct-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 29.
22-Oct-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 29.
23-Oct-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 29.
24-Oct-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 29.
25-Oct-20Sunday Ordinary Time Week 30.
26-Oct-20Monday Ordinary Time Week 30.
27-Oct-20Tuesday Ordinary Time Week 30.
28-Oct-20Wednesday Ordinary Time Week 30.
29-Oct-20Thursday Ordinary Time Week 30.
30-Oct-20Friday Ordinary Time Week 30.
31-Oct-20Saturday Ordinary Time Week 30.