One Stop Reference

All info gathered within this links were gathered from various online sources and compiled into 1 centralized location for the purpose of ease of accessibility and reading. Each link consist of links that will direct you to other information such as;

  • Mass Time
  • Readings of the day
  • Liturgy of the Hour / Divine Mercy Reading for the day
  • Holy Rosary Mystery of the Day
  • Saint of the day

Daily Updates for 2021

Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Jan-21 Friday Solemnity –  The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God
2-Jan-21 Saturday  Saint Basil the Great and Saint Gregory Nazianzen, bishops and doctors of the Church
3-Jan-21 Sunday  Second Sunday of Christmas
4-Jan-21 Monday  Monday of Christmas Time
5-Jan-21 Tuesday  Tuesday of Christmas Time
6-Jan-21 Wednesday Solemnity –  The Epiphany of the Lord
7-Jan-21 Thursday  Thursday after Epiphany
8-Jan-21 Friday  Friday after Epiphany
9-Jan-21 Saturday  Saturday after Epiphany
10-Jan-21 Sunday Feast –  The Baptism of the Lord
11-Jan-21 Monday  Monday in the 1ˢᵗ Week in Ordinary Time
12-Jan-21 Tuesday  Tuesday in the 1ˢᵗ Week in Ordinary Time
13-Jan-21 Wednesday  Wednesday in the 1ˢᵗ Week in Ordinary Time
14-Jan-21 Thursday  Thursday in the 1ˢᵗ Week in Ordinary Time
15-Jan-21 Friday  Friday in the 1ˢᵗ Week in Ordinary Time
16-Jan-21 Saturday  Saturday in the 1ˢᵗ Week in Ordinary Time
17-Jan-21 Sunday  2ⁿᵈ Sunday in Ordinary Time
18-Jan-21 Monday  Monday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week in Ordinary Time
19-Jan-21 Tuesday  Tuesday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week in Ordinary Time
20-Jan-21 Wednesday  Wednesday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week in Ordinary Time
21-Jan-21 Thursday  Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr
22-Jan-21 Friday  Friday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week in Ordinary Time
23-Jan-21 Saturday  Saturday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week in Ordinary Time
24-Jan-21 Sunday  3ʳᵈ Sunday in Ordinary Time
25-Jan-21 Monday Feast –  The Conversion of Saint Paul, apostle
26-Jan-21 Tuesday  Saint Timothy and Saint Titus, bishops
27-Jan-21 Wednesday  Wednesday in the 3ʳᵈ Week in Ordinary Time
28-Jan-21 Thursday  Saint Thomas Aquinas, priest and doctor of the Church
29-Jan-21 Friday  Friday in the 3ʳᵈ Week in Ordinary Time
30-Jan-21 Saturday  Saturday in the 3ʳᵈ Week in Ordinary Time
31-Jan-21 Sunday  4ᵗʰ Sunday in Ordinary Time

Daily Updates for 2020

Date Day Liturgical Week
20-Apr-20 Monday Second week of Easter
21-Apr-20 Tuesday Second week of Easter
22-Apr-20 Wednesday Second week of Easter
23-Apr-20 Thursday Second week of Easter
24-Apr-20 Friday Second week of Easter
25-Apr-20 Saturday Second week of Easter
26-Apr-20 Sunday Third Sunday of Easter
27-Apr-20 Monday Third week of Easter
28-Apr-20 Tuesday Third week of Easter
29-Apr-20 Wednesday Third week of Easter
30-Apr-20 Thursday Third week of Easter
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 3
2-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 3
3-May-20 Sunday 4th Sunday of Easter
4-May-20 Monday  Easter Week 4
5-May-20 Tuesday  Easter Week 4
6-May-20 Wednesday  Easter Week 4
7-May-20 Thursday  Easter Week 4
8-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 4
9-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 4
10-May-20 Sunday 5th Sunday of Easter
11-May-20 Monday  Easter Week 5
12-May-20 Tuesday  Easter Week 5
13-May-20 Wednesday  Easter Week 5
14-May-20 Thursday  Easter Week 5
15-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 5
16-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 5
17-May-20 Sunday 6th Sunday Of Easter
18-May-20 Monday  Easter Week 6
19-May-20 Tuesday  Easter Week 6
20-May-20 Wednesday  Easter Week 6
21-May-20 Thursday Solemnity of Ascension of the Lord.
22-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 6
23-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 6
24-May-20 Sunday 7th Sunday Of Easter
25-May-20 Monday  Easter Week 7
26-May-20 Tuesday  Easter Week 7
27-May-20 Wednesday  Easter Week 7
28-May-20 Thursday  Easter Week 7
29-May-20 Friday  Easter Week 7
30-May-20 Saturday  Easter Week 7
31-May-20 Sunday Solemnity of Pentecost.
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Jun-20 Monday Ordinary Time Week 9.
2-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
3-Jun-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
4-Jun-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
5-Jun-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
6-Jun-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 9.
7-Jun-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
8-Jun-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
9-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
10-Jun-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
11-Jun-20 Thursday Solemnity of Corpus Christi.
12-Jun-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
13-Jun-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 10. 
14-Jun-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 11
15-Jun-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 11
16-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 11
17-Jun-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 11
18-Jun-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 11
19-Jun-20 Friday Solemnity of Sacred Heart.
20-Jun-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 11
21-Jun-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
22-Jun-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
23-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
24-Jun-20 Wednesday Solemnity of Birth of John the Baptist.
25-Jun-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
26-Jun-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
27-Jun-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 12.
28-Jun-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 13.
29-Jun-20 Monday Solemnity of Peter & Paul, The Apostles
30-Jun-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 13.
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Jul-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 13.
2-Jul-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 13.
3-Jul-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 13.
4-Jul-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 13.
5-Jul-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 14.
6-Jul-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 14.
7-Jul-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 14.
8-Jul-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 14.
9-Jul-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 14.
10-Jul-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 14.
11-Jul-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 14.
12-Jul-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 15.
13-Jul-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 15.
14-Jul-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 15.
15-Jul-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 15.
16-Jul-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 15.
17-Jul-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 15.
18-Jul-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 15.
19-Jul-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 16.
20-Jul-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 16.
21-Jul-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 16.
22-Jul-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 16.
23-Jul-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 16.
24-Jul-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 16.
25-Jul-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 16.
26-Jul-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 17.
27-Jul-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 17.
28-Jul-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 17.
29-Jul-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 17.
30-Jul-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 17.
31-Jul-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 17.
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Aug-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 17.
2-Aug-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 18.
3-Aug-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 18.
4-Aug-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 18.
5-Aug-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 18.
6-Aug-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 18.
7-Aug-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 18.
8-Aug-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 18.
9-Aug-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 19.
10-Aug-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 19.
11-Aug-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 19.
12-Aug-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 19.
13-Aug-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 19.
14-Aug-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 19.
15-Aug-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 19.
16-Aug-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 20.
17-Aug-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 20.
18-Aug-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 20.
19-Aug-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 20.
20-Aug-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 20.
21-Aug-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 20.
22-Aug-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 20.
23-Aug-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 21.
24-Aug-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 21.
25-Aug-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 21.
26-Aug-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 21.
27-Aug-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 21.
28-Aug-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 21.
29-Aug-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 21.
30-Aug-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 22.
31-Aug-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 22.
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Sep-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 22.
2-Sep-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 22.
3-Sep-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 22.
4-Sep-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 22.
5-Sep-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 22.
6-Sep-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 23.
7-Sep-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 23.
8-Sep-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 23.
9-Sep-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 23.
10-Sep-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 23.
11-Sep-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 23.
12-Sep-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 23.
13-Sep-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 24.
14-Sep-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 24.
15-Sep-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 24.
16-Sep-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 24.
17-Sep-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 24.
18-Sep-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 24.
19-Sep-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 24.
20-Sep-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 25.
21-Sep-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 25.
22-Sep-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 25.
23-Sep-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 25.
24-Sep-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 25.
25-Sep-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 25.
26-Sep-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 25.
27-Sep-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 26.
28-Sep-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 26.
29-Sep-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 26.
30-Sep-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 26.
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Oct-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 26.
2-Oct-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 26.
3-Oct-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 26.
4-Oct-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 27.
5-Oct-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 27.
6-Oct-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 27.
7-Oct-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 27.
8-Oct-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 27.
9-Oct-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 27.
10-Oct-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 27.
11-Oct-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 28.
12-Oct-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 28.
13-Oct-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 28.
14-Oct-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 28.
15-Oct-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 28.
16-Oct-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 28.
17-Oct-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 28.
18-Oct-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 29.
19-Oct-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 29.
20-Oct-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 29.
21-Oct-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 29.
22-Oct-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 29.
23-Oct-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 29.
24-Oct-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 29.
25-Oct-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 30.
26-Oct-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 30.
27-Oct-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 30.
28-Oct-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 30.
29-Oct-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 30.
30-Oct-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 30.
31-Oct-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 30.
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Nov-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 31.
2-Nov-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 31.
3-Nov-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 31.
4-Nov-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 31.
5-Nov-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 31.
6-Nov-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 31.
7-Nov-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 31.
8-Nov-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 32.
9-Nov-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 32.
10-Nov-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 32.
11-Nov-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 32.
12-Nov-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 32.
13-Nov-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 32.
14-Nov-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 32.
15-Nov-20 Sunday  Ordinary Time Week 33.
16-Nov-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 33.
17-Nov-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 33.
18-Nov-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 33.
19-Nov-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 33.
20-Nov-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 33.
21-Nov-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 33.
22-Nov-20 Sunday Solemnity of Christ the King.
23-Nov-20 Monday  Ordinary Time Week 34.
24-Nov-20 Tuesday  Ordinary Time Week 34.
25-Nov-20 Wednesday  Ordinary Time Week 34.
26-Nov-20 Thursday  Ordinary Time Week 34.
27-Nov-20 Friday  Ordinary Time Week 34.
28-Nov-20 Saturday  Ordinary Time Week 34.
29-Nov-20 Sunday 1ˢᵗ Sunday of Advent
30-Nov-20 Monday Feast of-Saint Andrew, apostle
Date Day Liturgical Calendar
1-Dec-20 Tuesday Tuesday in the 1ˢᵗ Week of Advent
2-Dec-20 Wednesday Wednesday in the 1ˢᵗ Week of Advent
3-Dec-20 Thursday Thursday in the 1ˢᵗ Week of Advent
4-Dec-20 Friday Friday in the 1ˢᵗ Week of Advent
5-Dec-20 Saturday Saturday in the 1ˢᵗ Week of Advent
6-Dec-20 Sunday 2ⁿᵈ Sunday of Advent
7-Dec-20 Monday Monday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week of Advent
8-Dec-20 Tuesday Solemnity-The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
9-Dec-20 Wednesday Wednesday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week of Advent
10-Dec-20 Thursday Thursday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week of Advent
11-Dec-20 Friday Friday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week of Advent
12-Dec-20 Saturday Saturday in the 2ⁿᵈ Week of Advent
13-Dec-20 Sunday 3ʳᵈ Sunday of Advent
14-Dec-20 Monday Monday in the 3ʳᵈ Week of Advent
15-Dec-20 Tuesday Tuesday in the 3ʳᵈ Week of Advent
16-Dec-20 Wednesday Wednesday in the 3ʳᵈ Week of Advent
17-Dec-20 Thursday Advent Weekday (December 17)
18-Dec-20 Friday Advent Weekday (December 18)
19-Dec-20 Saturday Advent Weekday (December 19)
20-Dec-20 Sunday 4ᵗʰ Sunday of Advent
21-Dec-20 Monday Advent Weekday (December 21)
22-Dec-20 Tuesday Advent Weekday (December 22)
23-Dec-20 Wednesday Advent Weekday (December 23)
24-Dec-20 Thursday Advent Weekday (December 24)
25-Dec-20 Friday Solemnity-The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas)
26-Dec-20 Saturday Feast of-Saint Stephen, first martyr
27-Dec-20 Sunday Feast of-The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
28-Dec-20 Monday Feast of-The Holy Innocents, martyrs
29-Dec-20 Tuesday 5ᵗʰ Day in the Octave of Christmas
30-Dec-20 Wednesday 6ᵗʰ Day in the Octave of Christmas
31-Dec-20 Thursday 7ᵗʰ Day in the Octave of Christmas